Our Services

Traditional Osteopathy-Biodynamic Treatment -Working with the body’s innate system of healing in a hands-on approach using embryological development fulcrums and patterns. The inherent capacity of the body is awakened for whole-optimal functioning. Dr. Moreno has specialized in this treatment modality for over 15 years.

Homotoxicology – A system of Medicine, commonly used in Europe, developed in Germany by Hans Reckeweg, MD, that enhances physiology. Naturally our innate capacity to detoxify is improved, our ability to heal is enhanced, our ability to maintain a healthy immune status is strengthened.

Biotherapuetic Drainage – A system of Medicine, also commonly used in Europe, that enhances and supports normal physiology. Every cell I our body needs to detoxify from its metabolic wastes, biotherapuetic drainage is a safe and effective method to boost this necessary physiologic process. Biotherapuetic drainage is useful in supporting normal hormonal, immune, cardiovascular, neurological, digestive, etc., function

Recall Healing- (Gilbert Renaud, PhD, Total Biology – Claude Sabah, MD, German New Medicine – Ryke Hamer, MD)- Usually involves a 1.5-2 hr session discussing conflicts in psyche. Through Dr Hamer’s research and findings, (he had testicular cancer after a very traumatic personal experience) every illness has a deep psycho-emotional origin. Discovering these deep correlations in the subconscious mind has been shown scientifically to be dramatically healing. Of over 6,000 terminally ill patients in Dr Hamer’s practice there was a 92% 5 year survival. In conventional arenas the 5 year survival for terminal diseases is 2%!

Four Hand Technique – Interacting with Dentists. This work involves supporting our airway and dental function (child and adult orthodontics, sleep, chronic pain, anxiety, headaches, eye strain, fatigue, etc), occlusion, TMJ etc. Detoxification of Dental Toxic Foci using Mud Packs/Herbal Poultices/Laser etc.

High Powered Laser Therapy – can be used to treat scars (which can many times release old patterns that keep the body from healing), energize the body, augment healing capacity, pain.

Mesotherapy- a form of homeopathic treatment where natural non-toxic remedies are injected into meridians, chakras, and or other key areas of the body for pain relief, weight loss, body sculpting, ant-aging. As well as neural Therapy and Homeopathic Injections

Asyra – A methodology used to evaluate involvement of toxins, nutrient deficiencies, environmental issues, food sensitivities, genetic predispositions, etc.

Laser Energetic Detoxification – A safe, rapid and effective way to detoxify. (Can be used for Heavy Metals, pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals, medications, radioactive substances, etc.

Precision Frequency Generator – Developed by Dr. Rife in the 1930’s a methodology using frequencies to augment the body’s innate healing capacity.

Thought Field Therapy/ Emotional Freedom Technique – Also known as “Lightning Psychotherapy” an adjunct to any healing modality.

Dr. Simeon’s HCG Program for Weight Elimination and improved Well Being

Bio-oxidative Therapy: Major/minor autohemotherapy, Prolozone, local ozone injection, ear/nasal/vaginal and rectal insufflation, hydrogen peroxide, ozone cupping and bagging.

Intravenous(IV) Nutrient Therapy – IV nutrient therapy is the process of giving vital nutrients to the body via the bloodstream. The nutrients are usually injected into an IV bag that is dripped in slowly over 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the solution being given. Click for more info